Mission Statement

We seek success; not to step in the path of the established, but to leap away from the prevalent into a class of our own. By developing a self-nurturing, ecosystem, we’ll harvest the finest natural ingredients to create our handcrafted brews and ciders. More importantly, it is essential that we form a companionship within our community, help and donate to those in need, all while supporting the increasing health of our local environment. As we climb toward perfection, we'll make a point to share our product with all the great people around us.

What HurkyBird Means to Me: As Told by Nathan Schoell

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Through the eyes of Cofounder Nathan Schoell HurkyBird to me is an open ended manifestation of my entrepreneurial dreams.  Through HurkyBird, I envision many possibilities to conserve the environment, connect with people, and fulfill my consumption needs to provide for my family.  Although HurkyBird still rests in the early stages of planning, I envision the Continue Reading »